Tears Detected: Man Finds 85-Yr-Old’s Lost Engagement Ring — Now They’re Both Crying!

a two-photo collage of ms. brown looking very surprised after finding out a man had recovered her lost engagement ring.

A skilled detectorist from the United Kingdom just experienced what he calls the “happiest metal detecting moment ever.” And after looking at the video of this moment, we can totally see why!


It all started when the detectorist, who calls himself “Smoggy Searcher” on TikTok, went on the hunt for Ms. Brown’s lost engagement ring. After a thorough search in her garden… he found it! That’s when he decided to record the moment he gives the big news to the 85-year-old woman.

The man didn’t even have to say anything – as soon as he showed her the ring, Ms. Brown screamed with happiness! The woman’s reaction was so wholesome, that the detectorist couldn’t hold back the tears, and after watching this video, neither can we!

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For the record, this is not the only ring he has found! The “Smoggy Searcher” offers his metal detecting services for free to anyone that is hoping to recover a lost item. Yep, he just travels to people’s properties across the UK and finds their lost items because he enjoys doing it.

This man’s work is a great example of selfless acts of kindness! We are sure Ms. Brown can back us up with this statement.

Watch the detectorist and Ms. Brown doing an adorable celebration dance and don’t forget to share with a friend.

@smoggysearcher part 2 of the emotional engagement ring being returned to 85 year old lady. #foryoupage #fyp #happy #equinox600 #historyhunting #metaldetecting @northernhoardhuntersback @detecting_northyorkshire @cumbriandetectorist @northerndetectorist @team_detect_uk @dazzbosmith @boris_the_button_dodger @bigter0 @legenddetectorist81 @gary_draytons_top_pocket @garyturnbull8906 @lauraelizabeth1989 @marniesisthebest @jimjamdetecting @dannydigsdirt @jessthedirtdigger @bearprice3 @thehouser8 @aquamart_river_hunter @metal_mike_detectorist @arcstark3 @agent_snails @bevis999 ♬ original sound – Smoggy

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