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team cuddle

5-Yr-Olds Form Cutest “Huddle” Before Game & The Video Is Obviously Going Viral.

When it comes to loving others, we have a lot to learn from kids.

As we grow older, we begin to develop our own personal barriers, putting up walls that make it harder to embrace people as they are and accept them unconditionally. But for children, it’s no problem. That’s why the innocence and camaraderie of youth is such a beautiful thing to witness.

Dad Gurpreet Singh Dhillon was lucky enough to see this in his youngest son, Shabaig, who recently participated in his first basketball practice in Brampton, Ontario. The 5-year-old grew up in a home full of hugs, kisses, and cuddles, so it only felt natural for him to share the love with his teammates.


A basketball fan himself, Gurpreet couldn’t miss his son’s first practice, and he’s very glad he didn’t. That’s because he and the other parents saw the sweetest interaction unfold before their eyes — and Gurpreet caught the whole thing on camera.

The proud dad uploaded the precious video to Instagram with the caption, “Team huddle or group hug? Doesn’t matter because @bramptonbasketball players are a family.”

You see, when the coach told the 5-year-olds to huddle up before their scrimmage, either something got lost in translation or they just came up with a better idea. Whatever their motivation, the boys wrapped their arms around each other, turning that huddle into a cuddle.

huddle turned cuddle

The coach couldn’t help but crack up at the adorable display as other giggling parents joined in. The moment was so pure, so wholesome, it was impossible for them not to.

huddle turned cuddle

Gurpreet says it’s simply a testament to children’s ability to instantly connect and feel at ease with each other, no matter their differences.

“They’re of different backgrounds, but more importantly they weren’t nervous or uncomfortable at all with one another, which is the beauty of it — it was innocence personified!” Gurpreet said.

huddle turned cuddle

Thousands watched the heart-melting footage, which has since gone viral for obvious reasons. People just can’t get over how cute these tiny sweethearts are with each other!

facebook comments

Honestly, we could replay the video all day. Not only is it just about the sweetest thing ever, but it’s the perfect example of how we should all treat our fellow human beings. Here’s hoping the group hug becomes a pre-game tradition for this team.

Watch as the little darlings get their cuddle on in the clip below, and share to brighten others’ days!

These 5-year-olds turned a basketball group huddle into a group cuddle

These 5-year-olds turned a basketball group huddle into a group cuddle 🏀🤗

Posted by BuzzFeed News on Friday, April 12, 2019

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