Teacher Asked For Dramatic Monologue, But Girl With Dwarfism Created Something Heart-Wrenching

Christy Peterson Buce‘s daughter is only in Middle School, but she already possesses a strength well beyond her years. Born with Dwarfism, the 12-year-old has lost friends and been teased because of physical effects of her condition. 

When it first started happening, she didn’t understand; she thought she was just a normal little girl, having fun and laughing just like everyone else. But things changed when people began treating her differently, because of her appearance. Their harsh treatment gradually began to wear down on her confidence.

But one day, she found an outlet to express her feelings in the most beautiful way. For a drama assignment, her teacher asked the class to write their own life monologue.

Her response to the assignment blew us away!

The purpose of her writing is not to express anger as you might expect; she does not reference things not being ‘fair’. She’s able to communicate the impact others have had on her, but even more importantly, her writing is passionate, calm, truthful, and kind. She simply wants to help those going through a similar situation, and encourage those who need to see how their actions affect the ‘Play of Life’.

“A little bit of kindness can make all the difference,” she says in her recitation. “You have the chance to make someone else’s life better.”

She teaches a vital and beautiful lesson about how we should all be looking at our lives.

“No one is better than anyone else…we all matter.”

How can you make someone’s day better and inspire others with her words?  Her message could change lives so share them today!

Drama assignment: use 10 drama vocabulary words to write your own monologue. Result: powerful message for the world from a 12 year old! #changetheworldkiddo

Posted by Christy Peterson Buce on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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