Mobile Users In Tanzania Now Have Free Internet Thanks To Mark Zuckerberg

Two thirds of the global population has zero access to the internet, and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made it his goal to change that. was launched to create affordable internet access available to the world’s least developed areas.


Often people are unable to connect because of expensive internet services, an complete absence of mobile networks, or a lack of knowledge about what the internet is actually used for. A main advantage of the internet is that it allows people to connect from wherever they are. You’re able to gain access to valuable information which can lead to healthcare options, jobs, and keeping in touch with family. has been working with multiple partners to create and provide basic access options and services. Over the summer, the team launched the app in Zambia and had amazing results. Zuckerberg reported, “An expectant mother using the internet to prepare for her pregnancy. A student using Wikipedia to study for her exams. A man living far from the library being able to download books online.” So priceless. app
Image via Facebook Newsroom

To keep up the awesome progress, the app was just launched in Tanzania. Tigo mobile users can now access the internet for FREE. Tanzanians will be provided free access to services like weather, news, Wikipedia, and, of course, Facebook. With zero service charges, people can learn more about health, finance, education, employment, and limitless amounts of information.

Over time Zuckerberg and the company hope to provide Internet for the world.

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