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Burn Survivor Helps Others With Scars Feel Beautiful In Powerful Photo Campaign.

With airbrushed magazine covers bombarding us day in and day out, it can be easy to miss out on what real beauty is about.

It may be a cliché, but we really are all beautiful because we are unique.  Although glossy magazines and runways may be slow on the uptake, there is a huge and important body positivity movement sweeping social media, creating a new culture of self-love in its wake.

That’s a big deal because we all deserve to feel whole and confident in the skin we’re in! It’s something burn survivor Sylvia Mac believes in wholeheartedly.

Sylvia recently started a campaign to challenge the fashion industry and celebrate inclusivity.

The project, called “Love Disfigure,” aims to help those with scars and other forms of disfigurement realize how beautiful they are.

Refreshingly enough, “Love Disfigure” is actually sponsored by a swimwear company called Swimwear365.

The photographs taken by Sophie Mayanne show a variety of body types and people of all ages. Sylvia was 48 the first time she showed her burn scars,  and she hopes the project helps other people who may be struggling to find their confidence.

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And Sylvia didn’t just want to capture various forms of disfigurement. She wanted to make sure the shoot was full of diversity of all kinds.

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In her words, “When I was creating my photoshoot, I decided that I wanted to include everyone in every way that was diverse and inclusive… I included children, race, size, age, gender, disability, sex and most importantly people with scars, skin conditions & health conditions.”

While “Love Disfigure” was started to bring other people joy, Sylvia found herself close to tears when she’d gotten all of her models together for the shoot.

“During the photoshoot I remember wanting to find a corner to cry.  For the first time in my life, I realized that this was me and I finally found myself in society.  Looking at all these beautiful wonderful people made me feel quite overwhelmed,” she said.

Both individually and as a whole, the images send a powerful message of confidence and compassion. They show people from all walks of life that are at once bound by a shared characteristic while totally unique. That’s really the beauty of it.

Share this powerful campaign with your friends if you think everyone is beautiful in their own way!