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They Were Supposed To Die Young, Instead The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins Have Inspired Millions.

Most people don’t think twice about performing simple tasks like walking down the street, getting dressed or going for a swim. But imagine if every decision, action, and ordinary chore required complete cooperation with someone else.

For Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon, every task from the ordinary to the complicated requires coordination between them both. At 64 years old, the Gaylon twins are the oldest living conjoined pair in the world. Doctors believed they wouldn’t live past their first day of infancy, but they have certainly proved them wrong. Even though the two share some health problems (and, likely, the frustration they sometimes feel), Ronnie and Donnie are thick as thieves.

“When it finally runs its course, they’ll start crying because it’s over and they’ll both be bawling their little hearts out. One will reach over and kiss the other on the forehead and they’ve made up. When it’s done, it’s done.”

We’re incredibly touched by their positive and hopeful outlook on life. It truly is a breath of fresh air and a perspective we all need more of in our life. Check out their powerful story below!

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