Strongman Baffles “AGT” Audience With Ho-Hum Act — Until He Picks Up A Mic!

A strongman entertains the AGT audience by lifting a 260 pound round stone on the stage.

When Eddie Williams walked onto the America’s Got Talent stage, no one was sure what to expect. He was given an introduction like a prizefighter. “From Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 415 pounds, it’s the ‘Thunder from Down Under.’ It’s the mighty Eddie ‘The Tank’ Willliiaaammmmms!” As a huge man walked up the aisle through the audience, the announcer continued talking about Eddie’s strength, remarking that he is the strongest contestant on any talent show in the world.


As Eddie mounts the stage, the announcer goes on, telling the audience that Eddie will be lifting two stones, each weighing 260 pounds. Eddie approaches the first stone and moves it from the center of one tire onto the center of two tires stacked. Eddie moves across the stage to the other stone and repeats the maneuver. You can almost hear the audience thinking, “Is that all?”

A contestant on the AGT stage lifts a 260 pound stone. The image shows the stone and two platforms made using automotive tires painted white.
Image from YouTube.

After placing the second round stone, Eddie grabs a long, thick plank from the side of the stage and carries it to the center. The audience, although they don’t really seem to understand what they’re watching, is eagerly waiting for whatever comes next. Eddie places the plank on the two heavy stones, creating a platform. Then, he gingerly sits in the center of the platform. The audience is radiating total confusion. The judges are dumbstruck. Poor Howie Mandel is just staring with his jaw hanging open. No one knows what is going on at this point.

The silence is overwhelming. Eddie straightens his outfit and shuffles a bit to get comfortable, looking out at the audience with a knowing grin. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. Simon Cowell is looking completely baffled at the judge’s table. Suddenly, something so spectacular happens that you’ll have to watch it yourself!

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