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Couple Surprises Street Vendor By Paying $100 For His $1 Candy.

Many people are facing hardships in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, especially those who are out of work or losing business due to quarantine measures.

While this is a difficult time, there is hope! One beautiful thing to come out of this pandemic is the kindness neighbors and even strangers are showing each other. Take this couple purchasing candy from a street vendor in Medellín, Colombia, as a wonderful example.

couple gives street vendor $100

As is the case with many local vendors, the man they passed by one day hasn’t been able to sell much recently. So when these kindhearted customers stopped to talk to him, he was grateful — and quickly stunned by their incredible generosity!

He normally sells his coconut candies for $1 each, so when the couple handed him $100 and told him to keep it, he was shocked. “How much?” he cried as his eyes began to fill with tears. “I can’t believe it. Really?”

“Yes, $100, sir,” the woman assured him.

couple gives street vendor $100

The vendor couldn’t help breaking down in relief, saying, “What joy. I am so happy. This is incredible.”

While the couple knew they were helping him out, they had no idea just how much he needed some support. When they told him they hoped their gift was useful, he replied, “It comes in handy because I don’t have food at home. I hope God repays you both.”

couple gives street vendor $100

It’s so important to lean on each other (from a safe distance) in this uncertain time. After all, we’re all in this together! Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the unnamed couple whose example we should all follow.

Watch the uplifting exchange in the video below, and share this story to spread more acts of kindness.

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