Young Rapper & Elderly Grandma Who Matched On Words With Friends, Finally Meet.

spencer and roz

The internet can be a wonderful way to connect with others who share your interests!

But when it comes to a 20-something rapper and an 86-year-old grandmother, you might think they have nothing in common. You’d be wrong, though. Twenty-two-year-old Spencer is a rapper from Silver Spring, Maryland. (He also goes by the moniker ‘High Class Filth.’) Recently, Spencer took to Twitter to share how he met his newest friend.


Spencer first made Roz’s acquaintance last summer when they started playing the Scrabble-like web game Words With Friends together. The pair were pretty equally matched and they hit it off; before they knew it, they’d played a whopping 300 games together!


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To make the unlikely friendship even more adorable, a year after they played their first game, Amy Butler, a pastor at The Riverside Church in upper Manhattan, decided to arrange a meeting for the two friends.


On December 1, Spencer took a flight out of New York City to see Roz at her retirement community in West Palm Beach, Florida.

They look so happy together!


The internet ate this story up with a spoon! Spencer’s post was shared over 239,000 times and liked over a million times. Check out a few of the reactions:


We agree with the Twitter user above — our hearts just grew a few sizes, too! This story is further proof that real friendship knows no bounds!

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