Strangers Learn Sign Language To Surprise This Deaf Man With The Best Morning He Could Imagine.

As a way to promote their new call center for hearing impaired people, Samsung Turkey created this endearing social experiment called “Hearing Hands.”  They took a normal guy named Muharrem, who suffers from hearing impairment, and set up a day he would never forget.



Strangers all over the city were strategically placed to intercept Muharrem and communicate with him through sign language.  Can you imagine not being able to talk to the majority of people you experience…and then one day everyone is talking to you!?  It must truly be one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever receive.


Muharrem’s reaction says it all: pure elation.


Here’s our takeaway: We all deeply need human interaction and communication. We are wired for it.  Who is someone who needs your communication?  Find a way to deeply connect with them and go for it.

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