Stranger Steps Up In The Best Way When Chronically Ill Man’s Car Gets Stolen.

When you live with chronic illness, even small things like going to the grocery store can seem impossible.


Robert Turner understands this feeling all too well. The Canton, Ohio senior citizen lives with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, which requires him to bring an oxygen canister everywhere he goes. Unsteady on his feet, he also needs a cane to walk.

Needless to say, having a reliable vehicle is imperative to Robert’s life. One morning, Robert went to the parking lot of his apartment building and discovered that his precious 1997 Saturn sedan had been stolen overnight. He was devastated, but more than that, he was disappointed that someone would sink so low.

“It’s hard to believe that people, at this day and age, would do that to people.” he told local news.

Robert’s faith in humanity was shaken, but then a very special person saw the news article and reached out to the TV station with an incredible offer.

A man named Doug said he’d seen the story about Robert’s stolen car. As luck would have it, Doug had an extra car, and he wanted to donate it to Robert with no strings attached. He simply couldn’t bear to see someone suffer when he had the means to end his turmoil.

“It’s terrible that these things happen,” he said. “If you see somebody in need then do something about it, if you can do something about it.”

Doug called Robert to tell him he was giving him a new car, and Robert could not believe his ears.

“It was hard to describe, honestly, the way everything has been and then somebody actually doing something like that it was just unbelievable,” Robert said, adding that Doug filled the car with gas and paid all of the transfer fees for him.

“He was just so grateful, you know?” said Doug. “I said ‘You know what? This is what we are supposed to do. Don’t worry about it.'”

Robert’s stolen car was eventually found, but it was totally trashed. He’s not sure if he will ever get it back, but if he does, he plans to give the car back to Doug so someone else can benefit from his generosity.

Doug’s gesture totally restored Robert’s faith in humanity!

“We are just so thankful,” Robert said. “I believe that people are good, overall, and this just shows that is true.”

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