Help buy coffee for nurses in Chicago

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, my dear friend Emily was determined to do something to help nurses in our community. Both her mom and mother in law are nurses in the Chicago area. As her mom packed her bag to go to the hospital, she asked her “what do you need to help you through this crazy time?” Her mom responded “All I want is a cup of coffee! It’s so hard to get one at the hospital since all the vendors are closed!”

That spawned an idea – with our local food and coffee shops losing business, and nurses serving on the front lines everyday, my friend figured there must be a way she could help everyone. From there she created a fundraiser aptly named “4theFrontline” which helps gives meals & coffee to nurses during their shift while also powering up local businesses in need. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a shirt which is printed at a local printer. The design is inspired by how nurses wear their heart on their sleeve, and now you can too!
2. The proceeds of the shirt sales go towards funding local Chicago food & coffee businesses.
3. The local businesses serve fresh meals and coffee to nurses during their shifts on the frontlines.

While these times can be challenging, my friend found a way for those who need it most – hospital workers, local restaurants, and small businesses – to help each other. It’s these real life acts of kindness that remind us that we are capable of getting through this if we only help each other.

To support the cause, check out the website below:

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