Spray Paint, Glue, Glitter and Trash Bags Are These 4 Street Artists’ Tools, and Their Work Is Seriously Awesome

These four artists are some of the best I’ve ever seen and are sure to blow you away!

QUICK TIP: If you’re short on time, try muting the videos and playing them at 2x speed…you’ll be able to see the whole process in half the time!

1. Spray Can Dan

This artist’s name is  Brandon McConnell, not Spray Can Dan, but his nick name is more than fitting. Using only spray paint, old newspapers, a bowl, and a few tools, Brandon creates fantastic images of space and whatever else he can think up. This is someone with a natural knack for art. 

2. Ordinary Trash Bags Coming To Life

Joshua Allen Harris takes the cake on ‘Most Unexpected Medium’ award.’ It takes a special individual to walk past something as ordinary as subway air vents and see creative potential literally flowing into the streets. Very impressive.

3. World’s Most Impressive Finger Painter

Honestly I don’t know if I trust my eyes watching this. There must be some sort of secret device under his hand making these paintings come to life, right? One wave of a finger and poof, an intricate aspen tree appears. How is this happening?! His craft is completely hypnotic.

4. Speed Painting Glitter Spectacular!

Wait ’til the end of this video, then wait for your jaw to drop. I’m still stunned…

I had no idea where this video was going when I first watched it. It’s so hard to see what’s going on (and thus the final product being so impressive) because the artist applies the paint (or glue) in the negative image of what he’s painting.

It’s hard to recognize his painting as a face because we assume he is painting the lighted or positive aspect of an image. But when he applies the glitter, suddenly the back drop becomes the shadowed portion of a near perfectly defined face. So cool.

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