Spinning Cake Has Bizarre But Stunning Features. This Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Other baked goods have nothing on this cake. Not because of it’s deliciously colored chocolate icing or the multiple layers stacked one upon another or the fact that there’s a hot chocolate resting on the very top… it’s because this cake is alive!


The animated personality of this sweet treat is truly hypnotic! There’s pac-man type figures eating kernels, house-looking figures popping those kernels while more animated figures eat them! And all in a twisting, fantastical and fluid motion. WHAT?!

Honestly, I’m not even sure where to look during the entire video… It all comes together in the end but my jaw remained on the floor – I definitely had to watch this more than once!

This cake’s enchanting and artistic features are at the top of the list of creative deserts!

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