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Cop Spots American Flag Knocked On Ground After Storm And Stops To Make It Right.

For cops, being on duty means staying very busy. From making traffic stops to responding to emergencies and filing countless reports, there’s no shortage of things to do.

But as far as one Southlake officer is concerned, there’s always time to honor our country. While out on a neighborhood check, the unnamed officer noticed someone’s American flag lying on the ground. Severe storms had just blown through the Texas city, causing the flagpole to topple over.

officer folds fallen flag

He picked the flag up and rang the doorbell. Nobody answered — they were out of town. So, he took it upon himself to make things right. After a few moments, the homeowner answered remotely through her Ring doorbell camera. And what she saw the officer doing touched her heart.

“Hey, I’m just coming to pick up y’alls flag. I guess y’alls flagpole got knocked over from the storm,” he explained to the camera, adding he would fold the flag and place it on chair for her.

officer folds fallen flag

The woman couldn’t thank him enough as she watched him not only folding the flag with care, but in the correct way! She was so impressed she sent the footage to the Southlake Police Department, who shared it on Facebook. The video went viral, with many commending the officer for his good deed.

“Going above and beyond AND knows the proper fold of the flag! Wow! Southlake DPS, you must be so proud of this officer!” one person wrote.

Another added, “THIS, this is humanity, this is serving the citizens, this is honoring our country, state, cities. Let’s spend more time helping and looking out for one another!”

officer folds fallen flag

When asked about his good deed by his department he had no clue the homeowner had shared it and responded, “Wait, how do you even know about that?!”

Way to honor the flag and show your community you care even when you think no one is watching, officer! Let’s all follow his example and find ways to help our neighbors. Even small favors can make a big impact.

Watch his simple yet meaning gesture in the video below, and share to give him the recognition he deserves!

Southlake Officer helps with an American flag

Storms ripped through Southlake this week, and one of our officers on a neighborhood check saw that a citizen's flagpole had toppled and the American flag was laying on the ground.Our officer stopped and made sure it was folded up nice while talking to the homeowners on their Ring doorbell. The homeowner sent us the video to share and commended him. When we asked our officer for more details he was like "wait, how do you even know about that?!" BECAUSE WE KNOW.Also, note the great placement of this Ring! If bad guys were on their front porch instead of this patriotic officer, they'd have a fantastic shot up close and personal to share with us too!

Posted by Southlake DPS on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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