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son pays parents home

Grateful Son Uses Money From First App To Surprise Parents With Unbelievable Gift.

Great parents work hard to provide for their children. The best ones do it without expecting anything in return.

But as every loving child surely imagines, being able to repay Mom and Dad for guiding us through life and supporting us every step of the way would be the greatest feeling in the world. One man got to do just that when the holidays rolled around in 2014.

joe's mom reads note

Joe Riquelme is an app developer from New York whose video-editing app, Videoshop, has over 10 million downloads. He credits his success to everything his parents have done to help him become the man he is today. So when he found himself in a financial position to do something nice for his mom and dad, he went all out — and we really mean all out.

In footage shot on Christmas day, Joe can be seen kicking back with his parents. The family is enjoying each other’s company when Joe hands his Mom an envelope and says, “for both of you.”

joe's mom opens note

She pulls out a note, reading it before breaking down in tears. Probably a little alarmed, Joe’s dad reaches for the piece of paper, eager to find out what’s making his wife lose it like that.

app parents home

He reads it and unleashes his own flood of tears before hugging his son tight.

joe's dad cries

So why are they so overcome with emotion? Well, inside that envelope was a bank receipt and a note saying, ‘”Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas. – Joe.”

In the corner, you can see a little box Joe drew with a list of three important things his parents had done for their family: raising kids, college loans, and mortgage. Checking off that last item was his way of saying thanks for the rest.

joe's note

It must have been so rewarding for Joe to see his parents’ faces when they realized they’ll never have to make another house payment again. They deserve it for raising such a fantastic son.

Watch as Joe changes his parents’ lives in the video below, and don’t forget to share this heartwarming moment.

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