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Mom Notices Soldier Looks Just Like Her Son, Then He Drops Newspaper & She Loses It.

The surprise in the video below only took a few minutes to set up, but the payoff was absolutely perfect.

The situation involved a soldier who, with help from friends and family, reunited with his mom in the best way possible. As Youtube user “larry s” explained in the video caption, “I told my mother I was to come home end of July, I came home a month early for a surprise.”

Knowing his mom was in no way expecting to see or hear from him at all, the soldier– dressed in his military fatigues and newspaper in hand– sat near the entrance of her job and waited for her to come out.


Several curious onlookers passed before his mom emerged, walking with a security guard.

At first, she walked straight past him; then she turned to take a second look at the soldier who bore a remarkable resemblance to her own son.

That’s when it hits her—


The ecstatic mom then ran over and jumped into his arms, overcome with joy at being reunited with her son.

Her reaction to the camera is just as priceless as she realizes that everyone was in on the reunion surprise. But she probably doesn’t mind all that much as she’s finally reunited with her son.

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