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Army Corporal James Bass photobombing son Joshua

This Kid Thought His Dad Was Overseas, Instead He Photobombed His School Picture Day.

Third-grader Joshua Bass will never forget his most recent school picture day. That’s because his dad, Army Corporal James Bass, who Joshua thought was still serving in Kuwait, snuck up behind him and photo-bombed his picture!

The school photographer, who was in on the surprise, showed Joshua the photos. The first picture Joshua saw made him crack a smile as he recognized his dad. The photographer asked how that could be his dad, and got Joshua to turn around to look at the backdrop. That’s when he saw him, exclaimed “Daddy!” and jumped into his arms. It is just the sweetest moment!

Here’s our takeaway: Watching this father and son embrace is such a sweet moment. It reminds me of the deep longing for relationships we all have as humans. I can’t wait for the day when I can surprise my own son or daughter just like Corporal Bass did for young Joshua.

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