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People Couldn’t Get Medicine In Polar Vortex, So Hero Pharmacist Hatches Unusual Plan.

2019’s polar vortex had officials warning people to stay indoors. But the problem is that some people risk their health by not going outside to get the items they need — namely, elderly folks who rely on prescription drugs.

For many, missing even a day of their medication can spell serious trouble for their well-being. Fortunately for one small Michigan community, their local pharmacy goes above and beyond for its patients.

andrea cusack

Pharmacist Andrea Cusac is the owner of Lake Odessa Pharmacy. Normally, she’ll deliver prescriptions for free, but the large amount of snow covering the town’s roads in late January made it near-impossible to do so in a car.

These conditions wouldn’t deter Andrea from taking care of her patients, though. She just got more creative, braving the dangerous temperatures in style to make deliveries with her 15-year-old son… on a snowmobile!

pharmacist snowmobiling

The pharmacist was particularly concerned about Wayne Mausbach, an elderly patient whose prescription was about to run out. Wayne and his wife, Margaret, couldn’t get their car out of their driveway, so when Andrea called to remind him about his refill, she offered to deliver it via snowmobile as well.

wayne gets medication

“We’re so grateful that we live in a small community and they’ll do things like that. We were surprised when we found out and we’re thankful,” Margaret said.

Andrea’s husband, Mark, shared a picture on Facebook of his wife and son on one of their late deliveries, jokingly announcing, “appears we have a new addition to Lake Odessa Pharmacy’s delivery service!”

pharmacist on snowmobile

Andrea has earned the well-deserved title of “hero” for her efforts, but being the humble lady she is, she says she simply just wants to do her part for her community. “I truly care about people and want to help them, and to see the response within the community, it’s just overwhelming,” she explained.


Whatever her motivation, there’s no doubt that Andrea is one sweet, compassionate woman! The town is very lucky to have such a caring pharmacist looking out for them.

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