6-Yr-Old’s Skeptical Letter To Santa Is Hilariously Savage.

Some kids just tell it like it is!

NPR reporter Sarah McCammon took to Twitter to share the funniest Santa smackdown ever written. The handwritten note, which is bordered by doodles of wreaths and skulls, naturally, was penned by the reporter’s six-year-old son. Although the child is a verified “Santa skeptic,” he was asked by his teacher to write a note to the man in red. He obliged, but let’s just say he did not sugarcoat his feelings about old St. Nick!


“Dear Santa,

Santa Im only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. and your life is emty. You don’t know the trouble Ive had in my life. Good bye.


Im not telling you my name”

“Your life is empty?!” We are DEAD! Oh, and lest you fear the worst about this young man’s home life, his mom made sure to clarify that “his troubles” are not exactly the stuff of a Dickens novel.


The hilarious letter went viral almost immediately, and many people decided to share their own kids’ unorthodox Santa letters. Check out a few of the Twitter responses:


One thing is for sure — this kid is going places! Share this story with a Grinch in your life who could use a laugh today!