Dog Stuck In 30-Ft Sinkhole Saved Thanks To Mountain Bikers ...

Dog Stuck In 30-Ft Sinkhole Saved Thanks To Mountain Bikers And Beef Jerky.

Helping the helpless is one of the most rewarding efforts a person can make.

When a group of mountain bikers headed to Pisgah National Forest in Morganton, North Carolina, one day, they had no idea they would be called upon to save a life. They were taking a break when they heard a faint whimper coming from a nearby hole.

The group was riding on the Sinkhole Trail, which was named for the giant sinkhole on a nearby ridge. While this was a smaller hole, it was still about 6-feet wide and 30-feet deep.

As they peered inside, they saw a small face peering back up at them. That’s when they realized a dog had fallen in and had no way to escape.

The bikers immediately called for help, and members from Burke County Search and Rescue rushed over to meet them at the parking area. They led the rescuers to the scared pup and watched as they set up a rappelling system.


A rescuer managed to reach the bottom, but the dog was so terrified that he refused to go near him.

Thankfully, his rescuer came prepared! He reached into his pocket and pulled out an irresistible treat: beef jerky. All it took was a few sniffs, and the sweet animal was eating out of the palm of his hand — literally!

Once the dog understood that he was there to help, the man strapped him into a harness and had the rest of the team pull them to safety. They estimated the dog had been trapped for several days, but other than being hungry and dehydrated, he was fine!

They couldn’t find a microchip, so the precious dog is now up for adoption. His rescuers decided to name him Sinker as a tribute to where they found him, and they can’t wait to see him living his best life!

Way to go, everyone! We’re so glad these kind mountain bikers were in the right place at the right time!

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