Mom Starts To Punish Misbehaving Dog, But “Future Lawyer” Launches Into Cutest Defense.

PETA, the SPCA and any number of animal organizations will very likely be pounding down Sierra’s door one of these days. In the short clip below, the astute young girl shows that she can think as quickly on her feet as any seasoned lawyer while jumping to the defense of the accused: the family dog.


The fluffy brown furball is the sole suspect in the case of the shredded pillow, based purely on circumstantial evidence at the scene of the crime.


“Did you see him do it?â€


“Then how could you know it was him?â€

“Well … who else would’ve done it? Do you eat pillows?â€


Mom’s argument gives Sierra pause, but only for a second. Instead of going with the old standard — Professor Plum, in the library, with the candlestick — she throws two entire species under the bus: birds and squirrels.

“They’re always hungry,”she points out, much to the delight of online viewers.

“The bird and squirrel framed him,†commented one YouTuber user.


“Squirrels can be pretty shady,”another agreed.

Well there’s one thing that’s for certain: this little girl is absolutely adorable!

Watch the hilarious exchange below, and share to spread laughs!

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