She’s The Most Sought-After NBA Halftime Performer, But Watch Her Amaze America’s Got Talent Judges.

judge shocked watching lady in white juggling bowls with her head and foot

When Rong Niu, age 42, walked onto the America’s Got Talent stage and described her talent of unicycle bowl flipping, the judges had no idea what to expect. It’s not exactly a talent you hear of everyday! But– from the second she began — Rong Niu, also known as Red Panda, had the whole audience on the edge of their seats!

Starting out on an incredibly tall unicycle, she starts to balance bowls on her head and one foot. It’s hard to imagine how she even unicycles with one foot! If that wasn’t difficult enough, she begins tossing the bowls from her foot onto her head. And it’s amazing!

The judges can’t get enough. They are on their feet seconds into her act. “She already had us!” says Howie, midway through her act, “Why is she doing more?” It’s true. She could’ve quit early on, but she continues to stun as her act gets more and more complex. “She’s gonna fall and break her neck!” says Mel B, covering her eyes with her hands.

But Rong Niu’s act is flawless. The audience and judges all give her a standing ovation and thunderous applaus. Rong Niu’s face is absolutely priceless. “Are you surprised at this reaction?” asks Mel B. “Yes I- I am, very much. Thank you so much!” says Rong Niu. “I am so happy. Thank you!”

I couldn’t help but get choked up by her gratitude! It’s so sweet to see such a talented woman receiving this well-earned praise.

Now, Rong Niu performs at NBA halftime shows; she has become their most sought-after entertainer… and it’s easy to see why! Check out the video of her emotional America’s Got Talent audition below, and share!

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