Shelter Uses Adorable Halloween Costumes To Get Pit Bull Adopted — And It Works!

There are so many animals in desperate need of good homes. As such, it can be hard for shelters to get perfectly adoptable pets noticed by the right people. Staff members at Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter in Carrollton, Texas, knew they'd have to get creative to help Molly the pit bull find a family. So with Halloween rapidly approaching, they came up with a brilliant (and adorable) idea! In late September, the shelter began uploading photos of the dog wearing a different costume each day on Instagram. The first featured Molly dressed up as "your best matey," complete with a cute sailor hat. That alone was enough to make us fall in love! Thankfully, they kept going! The following day, Molly transformed into "the sweetest Pooh Bear" ever, and she started getting some serious attention. Comments came flooding in asking about adoption! Day three looked even better for the sweet pit bull when she became Princess Jasmine. If anyone was still holding out on her, she definitely captured their hearts this time. Of course, with all the love coming in, it was only a matter of time before the shelter found her the perfect forever family. Amazingly, that was as far as staff members needed to go before they shared an exciting update: Molly wouldn't be dressing up anymore — for the best reason!
We're sorry to tell you that there will be no more Molly 'costume-of-the-day' posts. We're not sorry to tell you that it's because SHE WAS ADOPTED! Molly's new parents fell in love with Molly in her costumes, so they took our little party animal home with them! She'll get to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with her own family, which is all she really wanted!
This is such a brilliant way to help shelter animals find forever homes. Not to mention, it's incredibly cute! Here's hoping we see more animals in the spotlight this month. Help spread the creative idea to other shelters by sharing this story!
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