She Saw A Boy Gasping For Air, How This Lifeguard Reacted Was Life-Saving!

Summertime is filled with great activities, but the epitome of hot-weathered fun is hanging out by the pool.

For kids, an even better extension of “aquatic living” is going to water parks. But with endless amount of children frolicking in the pool comes a serious priority for safety.

At one of those water parks, a lifeguard noticed something off with one of the kids while swimming (0:12 into the video). The little boy was struggling to stay afloat in the wave pool after falling out of his inner tube. Acting off instinct, the lifeguard quickly dove in to help him and possibly prevent a fatal accident.

She got there just in time.

This candid video is a reminder to be ready to hop into action! We’re so thankful that the lifeguard’s response was successful and that the boy was brought to safety.

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