She Removed The Doll’s Face With A Q-Tip, What Happened Next Made Everyone SO Happy.

In a world that is driven by image and perception, there are a lot of really bad and harmful examples out there for people to follow. Even with kids’ dolls.


Tasmanian local Sonia Singh thought she might be able to make a small difference. So, on a whim, she bought 12 old dolls (most of them from the line “Bratz”), removed their make-up and transformed them. It was incredible how much more likeable the dolls looked afterwards.

And the response has been viral! At first she posted about her new dolls to 200 Facebook friends and then let it sit. When she returned, she had thousands of likes and post reach over 100,000.  Her youtube video for the dolls (now called “Tree Change Dolls”) has received over 12 million views!

The video makes it clear: the incredible reaction and reverberation signifies that people do indeed want to be real. The over-done, over-make-up image of a woman is just not realistic.  Want proof? Watch the kids’ responses at 4:38 and you can see the connection.

So here’s our takeaway: Be very careful about what you (or your kids) are setting as your idols. You really don’t want it to be the wrong type of person…

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