Seattle Seahawks Remind Us Why Simple Acts Of Generosity Can Change Someone’s Life

When Garrett Scott was drafted in earlier this month, he had one thing on his mind. Seattle Seahawks football. Seattle drafted Scott in the sixth-round, and as a great offensive tackle prospect.

Scott’s and the Seahawk’s focus changed drastically when his physical revealed a rare heart condition that would prevent him from ever taking the field. Scott still had not signed with the Seahawks and they had no huge financial obligations to him at that point. The outlook was bleak and likely to be a parting of ways with no financial compensation.

However, Seattle chose a nobler road with the classiest and most caring of gestures.  Even knowing Scott’s condition would prevent him from playing, Seattle signed Scott and paid his signing bonus plus first year salary totaling over $555,000. The team also said that they were going to take an active role in helping Garrett find a future career.

Wow – what a swing of emotions that Garrett must have felt over the the course of 3 weeks. Achieving a life goal of being drafted only to be told that you can’t ever play, then receiving the truly incredible  help of a powerful organization. Talk about a silver lining.  Not to mention if Scott hadn’t found out about the condition during that physical he could’ve lost a lot more than just his football career. Perhaps the Seahawks saved his life. Regardless, their gesture is something to be admired and replicated.

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