Seal Walked Up To A Performer On The Street, Now Listen To The Stunning Song He Sings

If you spent any time listening to the radio in the 90’s, you’ll remember when Seal’s epic hit “Kiss From A Rose” graced the airwaves day after day. The soulful, epic ballad helped Seal to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide and launched the London native to superstardom.


Seal’s given name is Olusegun Adeola Akarbi Samuel. The interesting iteration hearkens to his father’s Brazilian heritage and his mother’s Nigerian birthplace. Seal grew up in a foster home in Westminster, London and attained a two year architecture degree before his first musical journey with the British funk band “Push.” After touring for a short time in Japan, Seal broke from the band and spent several years on his own in India.

It wasn’t until he returned to England and was couch surfing with friends that he considered the potential of a solo career. The talented soul filled singer wasn’t too sure of himself, so he asked them “do I sing well?” to which they replied a resounding YES.

The rest, my friends, is history.

In the video below, Seal happened upon a street performer playing the soulful hit by Ben E. King “Stand By Me.” Watch as Seal absolutely nails the performance, then humbly stands aside for the brusker to do his thing.

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