Nightclub Promoter Abandons Lavish Lifestyle To Bring Clean Water To The World.

As much as we would like to believe money will solve our problems, wealth doesn’t bring true happiness. But you know what does? Helping others, especially those lacking the most basic necessities.


Just ask former nightclub promoter Scott Harrison, who traded in his lavish lifestyle for what would become his life’s purpose: bringing clean water to every corner of the world.

scott harrison

At 18 years old, Scott moved to New York and snagged what he initially thought was his dream job. All he had to do was get people into clubs, and then he was essentially paid to party.

But this dream job with its endless frivolities, drinking, and drug use just brought him emptiness and sent him spiraling for the next 10 years. Until one day, he decided enough was enough.

scott harrison club promoter

He wanted to spend his time serving others, so he applied to several humanitarian organizations. After many rejections, he was accepted to join a team of medical professionals on a hospital ship bound for Liberia.

There, Scott would act as the group’s photographer, documenting life-changing surgeries for thousands of sick people. He got to work and ended up meeting a young man named Harris, who was slowly being suffocated by a facial tumor.


Witnessing how surgeons turned Harris’ life around was one of the most inspiring moments of Scott’s life. That’s when he realized he wanted to do more. It started with identifying what was making so many Liberians sick in the first place: their dirty water.

Poor villagers had no choice but to drink from disease-causing ponds and rivers. People were dying. Meanwhile, women and girls walked hours every day to bring that filthy water home, leaving no time for their education.

And this wasn’t just happening in Liberia: Hundreds of millions of people live without clean water.

dirty water collection liberia

Scott knew he had to do something. Back in New York City, he returned to what he knew best to grab people’s attention.

He threw a huge party, invited 700 guests, charged $20 at the door, and then used every last cent to build three wells at a refugee camp in Northern Uganda. When the wells were done, he sent photos of the results to the guests, proving what a difference small donations can make.

That’s how charity: water got its start. Its mission: to bring “clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.”

new wells uganda

From the beginning, Scott made sure to set charity: water apart. For starters, 100 percent of donations go directly to the mission. None of that money funds staff salaries, office rent, or travel. Just water. And the organization maps every completed project on their website using Google Maps so people can see exactly what their donations are accomplishing.

charity water well

For someone who has spent much of his life feeling “morally bankrupt,” Scott is doing some incredible work. His charity has helped bring water to more than six million people, and he says they won’t stop until every person on the planet has access to clean water.

Scott is touching so many lives! And through these interactions, he’s finding what he’s been searching for all along: the pure joy that comes from serving others.

charity water well

Learn more about charity: water’s story in the powerful video below. Share to spread this amazing mission and encourage others to donate!

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