Devastated Man Loses Photo Of Late Wife In Hurricane, Until Strangers Find It For Him.

Three years, nearly to the day, after losing his wife to brain cancer, Scott Christmas got a sweet surprise from strangers – and a sense that his angel wife was watching over him.

Before helping neighbors clean up debris from Hurricane Sally in his community of Fairhope, Alabama, Scott had gone out to check on his aunt and uncle’s home and his wife, Amy’s, resting place to make sure everything was okay. During the trip, a gust of wind blew by, taking with it a photo of Amy that Scott had kept on the dashboard since she passed. He was devastated.

Scott Christmas

In a Facebook post, Scott said he was absolutely “crushed” when he lost it. He said he searched all over for the picture, and even returned to the area the next day hoping to find it. To him, it was irreplaceable.

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He said,

“Yes I have other copies but this one was the original. Taken in April of 2017 on her first night home from the hospital after her first seizure. A seizure that let us know her brain cancer had progressed. The picture in question has sat in the same spot on the dash of her Jeep, now my Jeep for three years now.”

Scott Christmas

After his long search, Scott eventually came to accept he wasn’t going to find the beloved photo. A few nights later, as he was sitting at home listening to Lyle Lovett’s “If I needed you” he got a message from a friend that said, “Check Facebook. Your Angel is calling you.”

He said,

Then I opened up Facebook and there she was, there was my beautiful bride, my beautiful angel. There she was posted in the community group What’s Happening in Fairhope. She had been found in someone’s debris and they posted it hoping they would find out who she belonged to.”

Scott Christmas

Scott could hardly believe it. He said,

“I sat and stared as Lyle crooned in the background, his haunting voice and words chillingly calling to my bride, calling to me. I sat in disbelief as the oh too familiar tears slowly appeared and made their way down my cheek. As I sat and stared at the most beautiful Angel there ever was I simply smiled and whispered out loud. ‘I always knew you’d come back home to me’.”

The photo is back on the Jeep’s dash, where it belongs. Scott believes there’s a parallel between his story and the hurricane that came through, and that the sun will always make its way out of the clouds.

In his Facebook post’s closing, Scott said, “Thank you Kimberly and Bjarke. You all were a light within a storm.”

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