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Sassy Kitty Can’t Stop Taking Selfies… And The Internet Is Eating It Up!

Cats are known to have some very spunky, special and sometimes challenging personalities.

They could range from fluffy divas to sneaky miscreants and snuggly best friends. But believe it or not, it gets even better than that.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’ll love this little grey kitty named Manny who is on top of the selfie game. He’s snapping pics of himself and his furry friends and posting them on the adorable Instagram account, @yoremahm.

It all started when Manny couldn’t resist pawing at the GoPro anytime his owner would try to take a quick video. Now the confident cat is growing a following and totally taking over!

Let these 25 pictures of “Manny the Selfie Cat” make your day 🙂


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