Sassy Man Kills It In Swing Dancing Competition.

Some people are just born with that natural rhythm, and once they get in the groove, there’s no stopping them. At least that’s the case for John Lindo and Stephanie Batista. There’s already an incredible amount of chemistry between the two before they even get to the middle of the floor, let alone when the music starts.

But as soon as it does, the two are totally in the zone. Their movements, as smooth as silk, look effortless as they glide through the steps. Not to mention the awesome amount of attitude that comes through every second–like John’s sassy get-down at 0:30!

Their dance of choice is the Swing and is set to traditional jazz music. But don’t be fooled–it’s not for the faint of heart.

Every single move has to be carried out with precision because if not your partner will probably end up on the floor. There’s nothing boring about this pair and they clearly know what they’re doing. When it was all said and done, John and Stephanie were crowned the champions.

Do me a favor when you watch the vide: pay attention at 2:45… John’s moves are hysterical!!

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