Little Girl Uses Family Dog To Send Neighbor The Sweetest Message.

Being isolated due to the novel coronavirus has been hard on everyone, but it can be especially confusing for kids.


Instead of going to school and seeing their friends each day, they have to navigate online lessons and turn down playdates of any kind. Sarah Burness of Australia said her daughter has been lonely, but one day their pup brought over a sweet surprise to lift her spirit!


“My dog Nugget came home with something stuck in his collar,” Sarah explained. “I took it off and opened it, and what was written on it made my 6-year-old daughter’s day and melted my heart. Back to basics.”

The rolled up note was full of pure, wholesome joy!


Ava, I know we can’t see each other now, but we can still send messages through Nuget. I don’t know why but dogs can’t carry virus’s. I know, right? Can you please send me a message back. (So I know your still alive.) From, Sianne! P.S. covid 19 will eventualy go & everything will be o.k.

Is someone cutting onions in here? Because we can’t think of any other reason our eyes would be watering.

What an encouraging letter! Not only did Sianne find a clever way to put Nugget to work, but she’s also absolutely correct. This too will pass!


Sarah said the note was just what she and Ava needed in the midst of all this uncertainty. What a wonderful way to check in on a friend! Let’s hope they gave Nugget a few extra treats for being such a great messenger.

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