Santa Learned She Couldn’t Speak Well, So When He Starts To Sign Her Face Lights Up!

Saint Nicholas has been dancing through the imaginations of children all over the world for nearly 2,000 years! The big-hearted philanthropist was left orphaned when his parents died in an epidemic, but he always remembered his mother’s words of love and charity.

Saint Nicholas spent all of his inheritance helping the poor and others in need and was well known for protecting children.

Though the legend of Ol’ Saint Nick has changed drastically over the last few millennia, he has always been a figurehead of hope, cheer and charity for children and adults all over the world.

In the video below, we see the jolly old man doing what he does best, brightening a little kid’s day. The little girl “didn’t speak very well” according to her mother nearby so Santa asked simply, “Well can she sign?”

The following interchange is possibly the most heartwarming moment you’ll see all year. The little girl was visibly excited for the chance to converse with the jolly old fellow, and it’s pretty clear Santa cherished the moment too. Check it out below!


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