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Touching Photo Of Mall Santa’s Patriotic Act Has Internet In Tears.

Santa may be busy this time of year, but not too busy to thank a veteran for his service.

Several weeks ago, Gina Wilbur was at a mall in Wilmington, Delaware, when she saw Santa cruising by and got out her camera to snap a picture. But the image would become the “best moment of my day.”



Santa stopped to shake the hand of an elderly man who was seated next to her… but when the man started to get to get up, Santa instead got down on one knee, and that’s the image everyone’s talking about. After it went viral, Gina revealed that the man was identified as Bob Smiley, a 93-year-old World War II veteran who served under the famed General George Patton!


The two men later reconnected at the mall, accompanied by Bob’s large family, which now includes 26 grandchildren. And, of course, Gina.


This picture is no longer just an image but a photograph that came to life. It goes so much deeper because of those two men. They have led lives that will leave legacies and we are all getting a glimpse of it now.

In a world full of so much negativity, I truly think we have to seek the positive. There are genuinely good people all around us, doing great things. It’s all about perspective. We just need to choose to see it and share it.

One small moment of honor turned into a memory that has touched the heart of thousands. Share to thank all veterans for their service!

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