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96-Yr-Old Was Scared To Fly But “Angel” Comforts Her During Entire Flight.

Despite being labeled the “safest” form of travel, many people still struggle with the fear of flying. The lack of control and anxiety of the unknown can leave a passenger feeling terrified and desperate for any kind of comforting.

On a recent flight from San Diego to Nashville,  Megan Ashley saw an elderly woman across the aisle from her that seemed to be experiencing some anxiety before the plane even took off. As everyone prepared for take-off, Megan looked over at the woman and could hardly believe her eyes.


According to Megan, the woman sitting across from her was 96-years-old and wanted to visit family in Kansas City for her birthday. However, she hadn’t flown in 15 years and was scared to fly.

During take-off, the woman looked up to the stranger sitting next to her and asked him if she could hold his hand. The man “gladly” took his fellow passenger’s hand and comforted her as the plane ascended.


The man’s kindness didn’t end there. Every time the plane experienced turbulence, the woman would hug him and he would explain to her what was going on to help calm her nerves. Megan called him the woman’s “flight angel”.

Not only did he comfort the woman, but he helped her stand when she needed to use the restroom and “watched her carefully walk down the aisle” to the back of the plane. According to Megan he also held the woman’s bag, helped her exit the plane into her wheelchair, and helped her find her daughter after they were accidentally separated.


Megan said that she “walked away sobbing happy tears” because she was so touched by the kindness this man showed a complete stranger. She said that seeing the interaction “made [her] week” and that she’d never seen “compassion” like this on a flight before.

Since sharing the sweet story, Megan’s Facebook post has been shared thousands of times and racked up more than 9,000 reactions. People all over the internet are equally as touched by the story and thanked Megan for sharing it.


This generous man likely thought his kindness was only impacting the woman he was helping – little did he know that it would ripple out into the world and warm the hearts of so many people.

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