Man Sets Out To Complete World’s Largest Painting — And Raise $30M For Kids In Need.

On the ballroom floor of Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm hotel is a historic masterpiece — and an opportunity to help children in need!

Meet Sacha Jafri, a painter on a mission to make a huge impact with his unique abilities. Right now, he’s working on the largest painting the world has ever seen on canvas, and it’s pretty incredible.

Sacha was in the United Arab Emirates when the federation went into lockdown because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Rather than sit around doing nothing for months on end, the artist decided to turn his extra time there into a meaningful project.

“I was stuck in Dubai and I wanted to create something poignant, something that would mean something,” he told CNN. “Something that could potentially make a really big difference.”

So he began splashing color around the hotel’s ballroom — and decided to complete the largest painting ever created!

sacha jafri

The abstract piece, “The Journey of Humanity,” is about the size of four basketball courts and aims to connect people around the world. It’s made up of four sections, which represent “the soul of the Earth,” nature, humanity, and the solar system.

When the project of several months is finally finished, Sacha plans to cut it into 60 pieces. Those fragments will be auctioned off in December with the proceeds going to charity. The goal? To raise $30 million to support children in poverty-stricken areas with education, health care, clean drinking water, and sanitation!

dubai painting

The masterpiece is part of Humanity Inspired, an initiative that serves children in need. In other words, if Sacha reaches his goal, he’ll be improving countless lives!

“With this project we’re connecting over 1 billion people over the world through the hearts, minds, and souls of our children,” he wrote. “Each person that buys a panel will (not only) own a piece of the largest painting ever created in the world, but they’ll own a piece of history, because what we’re doing with that money is huge.”

humanity inspired

What a stunning project! Even more beautiful than the painting, however, is Sacha’s desire to make the world a better place!

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