Russell Wilson’s Humble Commencement Speech Goes Viral. Listen Closely To The Incredible Wisdom He Shares.

Russell Wilson is only 27 years old, but the Seattle Seahawks QB has some serious wisdom to share with the world. The University of Wisconsin alum was invited back to his alma mater to give a commencement speech to the class of 2016… and it was amazing.

The young superstar pulled from many emotional highs and lows he had experienced in his own life: getting cut, standing up to his coach, losing his father, moving to a new college for just a year, getting drafted to the NFL, winning a Super Bowl.  And he brings it all back to what truly matters in life.

His speech is both charming and humble.  And Wilson probably has more fun up there than anyone else.

In 18 minutes, Russell laid down some astounding life advice we all need to hear.

  • For the guys, “If you’re dating a woman that’s way out of your league, ask her to marry you.”
  • You can’t do life alone, “You’ve got to surround yourself with good people.’
  • You can’t do anything you want, but you have the tools you need to succeed. “You cannot do anything you put your mind to. So put your mind to things you can actually do.”
  • Potential is a precursor, “Lots of people have potential, but potential just means you haven’t done it yet.”

Check out the speech in full below; it’ll be the best 18 minutes of your day.  Share today to encourage your friends!

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