Adorable Calf With Special Needs Gets Custom Wheelchair To Help Her Run Around.

A sweet calf named Ruby Sue was born with a deformity that limits her mobility to just her front legs.


Luckily, she found the perfect forever home with Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch in Texas. They were determined to give her a higher quality of life and quickly realized that Ruby Sue is a happy little one who simply needed a boost in the right direction.

Her rescuers at Safe in Austin immediately fell in love with her and took her to a vet to be assessed. That’s when they discovered she has a condition called curly calf syndrome. Since her spine is curved and her back legs are fused together, she won’t be able to regain mobility.

Knowing this, the staff began brainstorming ways to help her.

“Besides her deformities in her spine, hips, and back legs, she is a very happy and healthy baby,” they wrote in an update. “She eats like a champ, is breathing completely normal, and is trying to move around!”

They had already realized that even the biggest animal wheelchair would be too small for her, so they needed to come up with another solution. They found Walkin’ Pets!

The organization built Ruby Sue a custom wheelchair that allows her to push herself forward with her front legs while the chair’s wheels serve as her back legs. Not only is it brilliant, but it’s also adorable!

“Because of these wheels, Ruby Sue is able to stand on her own, allowing her to get the exercise she needs to strengthen her front legs and learn how to walk for the very first time,” said Jennifer Pratt, a spokesperson for Walkin’ Pets.

Even better, Safe in Austin explained, “The best part is this chair is as small as it can be right now but has the ability to grow with her for a while!”

Since she received the wheelchair, Ruby Sue has continued to thrive and grow stronger every day! Through plenty of exercise and love, she’s gained enough strength in her front legs that she can now support her weight on them.

The sky’s the limit for Ruby Sue! We’re so glad Safe in Austin is giving her the home and care she deserves!

Watch her learning how to walk in the video below, and remember to share this story with your friends so they can celebrate her resilience and strength.

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