Dog Helps Firefighters Pull Down Tree In Hilarious Video.

Rocky usually sticks to the sidelines and doesn’t really get involved much when his dad, Leendert Foppen, is working, especially when it’s something strenuous— which is pretty much always, because Dad’s a firefighter.

But this time was different. To Rocky, it must have looked like the ultimate game of tug-of-war. That night, his dad and some other firefighters were hard at work on a residential street in the Dutch town of Harderwijk in the Netherlands, trying to pull down a tree that had been damaged during a recent storm. A rope was tied around its trunk, and as one guy cut into it with a chainsaw, the others were trying to guide it safely to the ground.

firefighters holding rope

They’re tugging and pulling with all their might, but just can’t seem to get it to budge. While they were hard at work, all Rocky could see was a game. And if there’s anyone you want on your team during a game of tug-of-war, it’s him.

Plus, this looks especially challenging. Maybe when they get the tree down and hauled away, they’ll head back to the firehouse and throw some steaks on the grill? He’s already drooling at the thought of it.

Seconds into the video, the sound of laughter drowns out even the roaring of the chainsaw. What are they laughing at? You can’t tell until the camera zooms past the first few firefighters and lands on this:


You really gotta sink your teeth into it, boys! C’mon, let’s do this!

And it looks like that extra set of teeth and paws did the trick, because seconds later the tree comes crashing down!  Good boy, Rocky.

The video ends with the tree being sawed into pieces, and how much you wanna bet this adorable pooch forgot all about those steaks for a while and tried to get someone to play fetch with him?

Watch  the whole video in the clip below, and share to spread more laughs!

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