He Skipped A Rock Onto A Frozen Alaskan Pond, The Wild Sound Blew Him Away!

There are few pastimes that command my attention, but give me a tree to climb or a rock to skip and I’ll be happy as a clam.

Cory Williams and his girlfriend were enjoying their day in the great Alaskan outdoors when they happened upon a frozen lake off a country road. In true boyish fashion, Cory grabbed a rock and didn’t hesitate to hurl it across the water. The eerie chirping sound that came from the water caused him to literally leap with excitement.

And it’s SO cool.

We didn’t know it then, but Cory was determined to show the world what he’d discovered on the frozen Alaskan lake. Cory and his girlfriend ran back to her house, grabbed her parents and rode out to show them the sonic anomaly.

The result was equally hilarious. Cory’s future in-laws took turns skipping rocks, throwing tiny handfuls of pebbles and shards of ice across the surface of the lake. Every time a stone struck the frozen water, a shocking sound echoed back to them.

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