Robin Williams Helps His Charming Teenage Co-Star Ask A Girl To Prom. Priceless!

Robin Williams, Ben Stiller and Skyler Gisondo Ask Girl To Prom - InspireMore

Actor Skyler Gisondo, who plays Ben Stiller’s son in the Night at the Museum series, was a senior in high school while on set for the latest installment. With prom coming up, Gisondo need to find a date, and needed to do it quickly before all the girls were “taken up.”

So, he cleverly decided to enlist the help of his co-stars, Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams, to help give him an edge over his classmates. Williams and Stiller took this invitation and ran with it.

Gisondo told The Hollywood Reporter, “All morning, Robin was pitching more ideas. He was saying ‘Can I say this? Would it be appropriate to say this?’ You’re Robin Williams. You can say whatever you want!”

What started out as a simple idea turned into this elaborate 3-minute “prom-osal,” as Gisondo called it. The video landed Gisondo a date, and what had to be one of the best memories in his young acting career.

When I first saw this video, I couldn’t help but crack a huge smile when Robin Williams hopped on camera. He hadn’t even started talking and my spirits were already lifted. Laughter is a powerful thing, and perhaps no one knew how to wield it for good more than Williams.


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