Dorky Mom Dances Heart Out At Half-Time, Steals The Show With Hilarious Dance Moves.

Last month while at an NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, this dancing mom “waved her hands like she just don’t care,†and in the process, became the star of the show. The woman’s dance moves quickly went viral with a style that Napoleon Dynamite would envy. It really was a sensation.


For the last season and a half, the mom in question, Robin Schreiber, has been a fixture on the dance cam during Warriors’ games. In November, her moves caught the imagination of a grateful nation, inspiring everyone with her graceful artistry and rhythmic explosions.

Well, Robin is back, but this time from center court. The Warriors invited Robin down for a mid-game break to show their official dance team how to make the magic happen. Sporting a white turtleneck and some seriously groovy moves, Robin danced her heart out to the roar of the audience.

At this point, it’s not clear what’s next for Robin, although the Warriors would do well to lock her down to a multi-year contract. A brilliant team needs brilliant mid-game entertainment. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Robin strut her stuff at the All-Stars game.

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