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Sneaky Dog’s Adorable Way Of Meeting New Friends Has Neighborhood Cracking Up.

Riley, the golden retriever, has had a fan club for a while now, he just didn’t know it until recently.

It wasn’t until early last month, in fact, when a passerby named Johnny Berchtold sent out a now-viral tweet about him, which included a short clip of the friendly dog chilling at his favorite (and literal) hang-out spot. He’s just kind of slung over the wall and then, whoops! There goes his ball!

Then he glances up as if to say, “Little help?”

But make no mistake about it, this was no accident. Like any four-year-old, he just wants someone to play with, and he’s been pulling this scam for years on all his neighbors and anyone who happens to pass by within an arm’s throw. Pretty clever pooch, eh? Riley’s rating on WeRateDogs? Well, he hit off the charts with a whopping 14/10!


Meanwhile, area residents, former neighbors and other members of Riley’s secret fan club started coming out of the shadows and posting about their own sightings…

riley at it for years

riley lemonade

riley hanging out
i miss riley1


Riley has his own Instagram account, and about a week ago, he shared the video and admitted the gig was up: Yes, he was dropping his ball on purpose to lure in a playmate. But we don’t think this little act of subterfuge will tarnish his reputation, and in fact, people are probably lined up around the block as we speak, waiting for their turn to play fetch with this sweet boy!

Of course, playing fetch isn’t the only thing Riley likes. So the next time you’re in the neighborhood and you can’t find his tennis ball, he’ll be just as happy if you help him track down lizards or just give him a good ol’ belly rub…

riley holding sign

Oh Riley, we haven’t even met you but we love you already! Isn’t your world just a little brighter now, knowing there’s a dog hanging out over a wall somewhere in Los Angeles at this very moment, wagging his tail while waiting for someone to pick up his ball and throw it? Share to warm some hearts today!

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