On Mother’s Day Remember Those Who Choose To Love You.

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Traditional ideas of Mother’s Day revolve around a nuclear family. Motherhood is defined by society as a woman providing care to her children. This cookie-cutter explanation of motherhood simply does not fit with our reality.

The true definition of motherhood is far more fluid. Motherly actions can be found in a variety of relationships. Take a moment and allow yourself to reevaluate relationships, past or present, with a different definition of motherhood. Think of motherhood as the act of a person who provides love, lessons, and unconditional support.

When you remove the traditional restrictions of the ideas of motherhood the net cast by this new definition is much farther reaching. Extended family, chosen family, foster family, friends, care providers, teachers, coaches, and many others take on the role of motherhood voluntarily.

Emotionally investing in another person can be personally draining but these people made an active choice. They chose to love you.

This Mother’s Day, remember the people in your life who fit the more encompassing definition of motherhood. Remember and acknowledge those who chose to give their time, their strength, and their hearts. Mother’s Day is meant to to be a thank you to mothers everywhere, let’s remember those who may not own the name of “mother” but have truly embraced the role. They chose to love you.

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