Remastered Footage Of A Snowball Fight In 1896 Will Make Your Day.

A lot has changed in the past 124 years, but one thing remains constant. People have always had a tendency to get silly when snow is involved!

Graphic artist Dmitriy Badin colorizes and refurbishes old film clips on his YouTube channel. He recently tackled a piece of original footage by Louis Lumière of the Lumière Brothers, who were filmmaking icons who filmed some of the first motion pictures ever made. This clip was taken from the 1897 silent film “Bataille de boules de neige” (Snowball Fight). It was shot between January 31, 1897 and February 7, 1897 in Lyon, France.

The original footage is nearly impossible to make out due to the age of the film, but Dmitriy managed to colorize it, sharpen, and speed adjust it so perfectly that it could have been shot today! Only the fashion choices in the videos give its age away. After all, people don’t often wear top hats anymore!

The updated clip is making the rounds online, and people can’t get over how little the world has changed when it comes to having fun. Watch Dmitriy’s amazing colorized version of Snowball Fight in the video above, and don’t forget to share.

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