Film Producers Help Skater With Downs Uplift Millions With Stunning Video.

For many residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, catching a glimpse of the "Rollerblade King" is the best part of their commute. Reid Cornish is a natural entertainer — and a fantastic skater. Nothing makes the man with Down syndrome happier than dancing to "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack in his Rollerblades. So every weekday morning, he picks a parking lot and lets loose, delighting passersby with his uplifting shows. In 2018, the 34-year-old's late mother Elaine told Deseret News that Reid's mission is to make people happy. Now thanks to the film producers he met, he's spreading more smiles than ever before! "Some professional film producers befriended my brother Reid this year and have been a big boost to him, especially after our mother's passing in June," his sister Lisa wrote. "They learned that his dream is to perform in front of others, so for Christmas they made this video montage of his rollerblading shows in Salt Lake." In a video, we see that his dream has come true! As he glides and spins, he wears a grin the entire time, and we can't help smiling with him because we can tell how much fun he's having. What's more, he makes every difficult move look easy! Reid has been skating since he was 6 years old, and it shows! While he said the best part about skating is being able to lift people's spirits, it also helps him enjoy himself. In fact, when he was asked about his favorite part of life, he answered, "Just being who I am and just having fun with it." What a beautiful soul! We're so happy he got some time to shine. Never stop chasing your dreams, Reid! Watch him show off his epic moves in the video above, and share this story to brighten more days.
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