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Raimundo reunited with his long lost brother

Raimundo Was Separated From Family For 57 Years. Here’s His Story Of Being Found.

I haven’t been moved like this in a long time. Raimundo Sobrinho’s story strikes many of the chords that resonate with our souls: mercy and friendship, difficulty and triumph, hope and joy. But the note that most moves me is that of being welcomed home.

We aren’t told how Raimundo got separated from his family and ended up on the streets. All we know is that he had been missing for 57 years. Despite being utterly lost and unknown, Raimundo is unconditionally welcomed back into his brother’s life.

“He is not a guest. He is part of the family…an integral part.”

This kind of love is truly amazing–love that sees beyond the past, embraces the present, and eagerly hopes for the future.

Raimundo reunited with his long lost brother

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