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Selfless Mom Never Had Time For A Makeover, So Rachel Ray Gives Her Stunning New Look.

Was there ever a time in your life when you were embarrassed of your mom’s clothes? It’s likely at at one time or another, you rolled your eyes at her or even asked her to change her outfit for the sake of your reputation.

Most of us didn’t understand why our moms looked the way they did until we became parents ourselves. All of the sudden, we realized it wasn’t that mom didn’t care, it’s that she was too busy taking care of everyone else and didn’t have time to do the same for herself.

When Gianna (19), Antonia (20), and Natalia (17) came to this realization about their mother, they decided to do something about it.


Earlier in 2018, the three sisters nominated their mom, Christine, for Rachael Ray’s “Mother of All Makeovers”… and she was the lucky winner!

Gianna, Natalia, and Antonia told Rachael their mom was so deserving of the makeover because she was “always taking care of everyone else”, particularly over the past five years, since their father, Antonio, suffered a massive stroke.

Christine is a rehab nurse at a hospital in New Jersey, and Natalia told Rachael that she will “go to work for 14 days in a row without a break. Every weekend, she tries to get shifts so she can earn enough money to keep the house over our head and food on the table.” Antonia agreed and said, “as long as everyone has what they need, my mom is always happy.”


The girls described Christine’s style as “definitely comfortable.” They mentioned that over the years, since their father’s stroke, Christine began to “hide herself behind layers of clothes” and that her wardrobe became “gradually more casual.” A clear sign that Christine was no longer taking time for herself.

Christine was shocked when she was invited to New York City for a head-to-toe makeover by the Rachael Ray show. When it came time for the reveal, her husband, three daughters, and Rachael herself were eager to see the results.

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael described how Christine showed up to the studio. She was wearing sweats and a pair of glasses with a missing earpiece. Mally Roncal, style and makeup artist, oversaw Christine’s makeover and told Rachael that “this might be the best [makeover] we’ve ever done.”

Finally, it was time for the big reveal.

Rachael Ray Show

Christine looked phenomenal, but while her clothes were stunning, it was her smile that lit up the room. She looked confident, excited, and truly happy. She told Rachael that it was “the best day of [her] life” as her daughters, husband, and Mally (okay, and us) held back tears.

Watch the entire touching surprise below – and share this selfless mama’s story with your friends!

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