Adorable Raccoon Uses A Rock To Beg For Food In The Sweetest Way.

YouTube fanatic Zoosie is known to be quite an animal lover. But other than her (multiple) dogs and cats, she has another mammal in her life: Rocksy. Rocksy is an adorable raccoon and her name is perfectly fitting... because she's basically famous for it. This video, viewed almost 550,000 times since it was posted on September 8th, displays this furry creature using a rock to beg for food... and who could resist that? While raccoons are often known to be trashcan thieves of the night, Rocksy has a little more pride. So she created a habit of standing outside Zoosie's door, rolling rocks for food when her bowl is empty. But there's one thing that has to be addressed - how cute are her tiny little hands?? My heart is totally melted! Watch the adorable video of Rocksy the raccoon below.

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